DVD Releases

from Chino Davis and Professor Hall



1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Cinema Centennial ~ Historic Films 1894-1906

This DVD records San Francisco's cinemagraphic history as it led up to documenting the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. It begins with Stanford's quest for a single picture of a horse in motion in 1872, that later appears as a famous Zoetrope strip. Little Egypt is shown as she would have been exhibited in the Kinetophone in the Barbary Coast in 1895. Ocean Beach and the Cliff House in 1902 are followed by "Life of an American Fireman" from the same year, that lets us see how fire departments of the day performed. "A Trip Down Market Street" by the pioneer San Francisco film-makers, the Miles Brothers, was taken just 4 days before the 1906 Earthquake. David Shepard of Film Preservation Associates has kindly permitted the use of his 20 minute film compiled of original footage of the disaster. 44 minutes


Spirits of Jerome - Ghost City Hauntings

Hosted by the Grand Nephew of Edgar Alan Poe, Matthew Poe, Jerome residents re-live their Ghostly experiences through re-creations in the haunted buildings of the World's Largest Ghost Town.Visit behind the scenes "hot spots" and a possible crime scene that is not available on any public tour. The MVD Ghost Chasers from Mesa, AZ perform an investigation as well. 49 minutes



Indian Fire!

This DVD video is dedicated to all the men and women who risked their lives fighting the Indian Fire in Prescott in May of 2002. And is s a special tribute to Pilot Rick Schwartz and First Officer Milt Stollak, who both perished in Air Tanker #123 just one month after helping with the Indian Fire. It was the first DVD project of the Arizona Film and Video Archive, which collected and preserved the many home videos of the event that would have otherwise been lost or forgotten. 43 minutes

1929 Prescott - Then & Now

The only surviving 35mm nitrate print of the 1929 Chamber of Commerce production, "Things you ought to know about PRESCOTT", cost $10,000 to restore, and runs 17 minutes. The restored print helped reopen the Elks Opera House in Prescott in 2003. A modern day video of the same exact locations has been produced as a "Then & Now" comparison. 25 minutes.


The Kinetoscope and Kinetophone ~ 1894-96

A demonstration of Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope and Kinetophone by the Dean of American Phonograph Collectors, A.R. "Ray" Phillips. Includes recreations of the very first commercially released films with sound. If you have ever wondered how the movies began and what the first movie goers experienced, this video will provide the answere not found anywhere else. 14 minutes


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